The History

In 2009, VIN12 was originally founded in San Francisco as a direct-to-consumer tasting event. Due to increasing success and popular demand over the years, VIN12 quickly expanded beyond San Francisco, and into other Northern California cities such as San Jose, Oakland, Treasure Island, Palo Alto and Sacramento.

After 71 events, 650 vintner appearances, 65 merchants and more than 21,000 attendees and years of experience under our belt in the wine event industry, has created the evolution of "VIN12 Contacts" as the new focus of VIN12.

The Tasting Houses

VIN12 creates a new platform that connects the consumer, with the producer: The Tasting House.

VIN12 Tasting House is a members’ club, with chapters that will be in at least 15 American cities. We curate exceptional tasting events featuring wines, spirits and gastronomic delights for our growing national communities of members.

The purpose of the Tasting House is to allow members and member-producers to develop deep, and continuous relationships.

The Founder - Elie Ernest

Elie Ernest began to organize VIN12 events because he wanted to disprove a misconception about wine events being "stuffy," "old" or "traditional." He wanted to showcase that this celebrated beverage is not only approachable but modern.

For the last 26 years, this New Yorker, then 23 year resident of San Francisco, global bon vivant, and now resident of both coasts has been creating one series of events after another. In 2008, he co-founded San Francisco Wine Week, and based on the enthusiasm over a six-night period, he determined that a mobile tasting room has to be established to better serve the public, and wine producers.

Elie Ernest would describe his work with VIN12 as a personal "field theory of happiness"...A confluence of all the things that brings him joy: travel, people, food and of course, wine!

He believes that wine is the story about the place...The imagination of the winemaker...And that the "event" is truly in the bottle.